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Breeze Blocks are a handmade product that exhibits variation in color, tone, and design. This variation has been carefully considered when developing our range and is in no way a defect. Installation constitutes full acceptance of the product.


Batch to batch, tile to tile – variation is a naturally occurring characteristic of handmade products. Variation can be present in many ways and must be considered during installation. It is your responsibility to ensure that what is installed in your project is as intended – once it is installed we will not accept claims based on variation.


It is important that you and/or your certified installer remove all products from their packaging and dry-lay the product prior to installation to ensure variations are blended appropriately. We recommend mixing blocks from different boxes/crates to achieve this.


At Aura Tiles, we pride ourselves on a culture of transparency and trust – if you have any concerns please contact your sales representative prior to continuing with your installation.

We are here to help.


Please take into consideration the following when preparing for installation of Breeze Blocks.


Our trained sales team understand where our products can be used, and where they cannot. For this reason, please make sure to confirm with your sales representative that the intended application is suitable for the product prior to placing your order.


Aura Tiles highly recommends employing the skills of a licensed installer when installing our products. The advice provided in this Installation Advice document is to be used in conjunction with all relevant Australian Standards, the National Building Code, and any relevant manufacturers’ instructions.


Aura Tiles has developed partnerships with Australia’s leading suppliers of installation and cleaning products to ensure the longevity and performance of your installed surface. We highly recommend you take the advice provided in this document with regard to installation and cleaning products.


An often overlooked consideration is the storage of your product on-site. Please ensure that all product is protected from exposure to weather and sunlight. Never stack or store on top of each other (single pallets/boxes should be stored on a dry, flat surface).


The finished surface begins at the subfloor – providing an adequate substrate for your product to be installed on is essential for a successful and long-lasting installation. Substrate selection and construction are of utmost importance. Please consider the product type, level of traffic and possible forces to be applied to the surface when selecting a substrate (substrate advice can be sought from recommended installation product manufacturers). Always seek the advice of qualified structural engineers when considering substrate design and construction.


To manage the effects of hard surfaces expanding and contracting, movement joints are required and are essential to a successful flooring installation to prevent cracking. The location and type of movement control joint will differ depending on your situation, always seek the knowledge of a qualified structural engineer when considering the placement of movement joints.


Ensure all contaminants and debris are removed from the base of the installation surface. Ensure the substrate is stable and the base surface is level.

Aura Tiles Breeze Blocks may be pre-sealed prior to installation to further protect from staining. A single pre-sealing coat is recommended, assuring 100% coverage of the visible surfaces of the block (sides may be sealed if required). You may also utilize the dip-seal method if desired, however, it is imperative you contact the sealer and mortar manufacturer to ensure the products are suitable for use together.

RECOMMENDED PRODUCT | Aqua Mix ProBlock – Pre-Sealer
RECOMMENDED PRODUCT | Aqua Mix Sealer’s Choice Gold

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions with regard to preparation, application, and clean- up of pre-sealing products.

NOTE: If you intend on using an enhancing/surface sealer on the surface once installed, ensure you contact the sealer manufacturer to discuss your options, as enhancing sealers will not bind to the surface of a tile pre- sealed with the above products.


  • Installation of Aura Tiles products should be carried out by a skilled, licensed installer. Tools used should be in good condition and appropriate for use (ie; trowels, rubber mallets, sponges, etc). Check the information contained on the packaging beforehand, and meticulously follow the manufacturers recommendations.


  • Check that the substrate is stable and the base is suitable for installing Breeze Blocks; rough texture, non-friable, completely flat and level.


  • Blocks and surfaces must be completely dry, free of dust and any contaminants which could impair adhesion with the mortar. For specific installations or particular design constraints, request additional information for each application.


  • The workspace must be adequately lit to detect possible installation defects Electric site lighting is essential, to provide brighter than normal light.


  • Great care should be taken when handling to avoid scratching, breaking or chipping the Breeze Prior to installation, check that all blocks are free from defects – once the Breeze Blocks are installed Aura Tiles do not accept claims for colour/design/batch variation.

We recommend the use of a new diamond cutting blade when cutting Breeze Blocks. The most effective tool for cutting blocks is a wet bench saw paired with a sharp diamond blade. Handheld grinders may be used in conjunction with a sharp diamond blade for small, tedious cuts.

Breeze Blocks are highly porous, and if installed without first wetting the base of the tile, may suck the moisture from the mortar before it has time to set. To dissuade this, soak the blocks in clean water for 20 seconds prior to applying mortar and laying the block.

Refer to your preferred mortar manufacturer for suitability to lay the Breeze Blocks. The choice of block and mortar are critical to the subsequent performance of the finished system. Factors to take into account are:

  • the type of block material (including water absorption, bonding surface)
  • block format
  • substrate


Aura Tiles recommends a Portland Cement Mortar in a neutral colour suitable for the colour of the Breeze Block being installed. Please consult the mortar manufacturer for specific mortar advice.

Follow manufacturers recommendations for preparation and use of mortars.

Both during installation and at the end of the day, check the quality of work before the bonding material sets. Correct any defects using rubber mallets.

Aura Tiles recommends the following technique is used when installing Breeze Blocks, in conjunction with advice from a licensed installer.

1. Measure the height and width of the screen wall.

2. Equally divide the distance of the blocks. We recommend a joint size between 5-10mm.

3. Use levelling tools to ensure the wall is laid perpendicular to the base surface.

4. Start installation from the bottom corner.

5. Apply approximately 10mm of mortar as a base strip.

6. Apply approximately 10mm of mortar to each of the sides and the top of the piece, fixing in the correct position, and either raking the joint or finishing flush with the surface of the block.

7. A normal tile wet saw may be used to cut the pieces if required.

8. We recommend fixing with brick tiles, re-bars and/or proprietary systems such as Bricktor.

9. We recommend a structural steel beam (or similar) is used if the wall is over 2.5 metres.

10. We recommend fixing the wall in place between concrete/brick pillars if wider than 4 metres.

NOTE: Breeze Blocks are not load bearing, and are therefore not to be used in structural applications. For all complex installations, Aura Tiles recommends engaging a licensed Structural Engineer to provide an engineered solution for your project.

Mortar joints must be used in all applications – we do not recommend butt joining blocks (zero mortar). Please follow the below minimum recommendations when selecting joint widths for the blocks:

10mm for all applications

Take account of structural joints. Movement joints should be directed as per the project designer and/or engineer.

Breeze Blocks are a porous material and may be sealed to protect the aesthetic and extend the performance of the surface. Sealing should occur once the blocks are installed and cleaned but prior to use.

RECOMMENDED PRODUCT | Aqua Mix Sealer’s Choice Gold

NOTE: Aura Tiles recommends testing the sealer on a sample block prior to use to ensure the finish is the desired result. For specific sealing applications, seek advice from the sealer manufacturer.

Breeze Blocks must be cleaned effectively after installation to ensure all mortar residue is removed from the surface and does not impact future maintenance.

1. Sweep all loose contaminants and debris from the surface.

2. Liberally apply a pH neutral cleaner to the installed surface, diluted as per manufacturers instructions.

3. Allow the cleaner adequate dwell time according to manufacturers instructions, before agitating the surface with a nylon bristled decking brush.

4. Remove all remaining residue with a squeegee, wet-vac or continuously rinsed mop.

RECOMMENDED PRODUCT | Aqua Mix Concentrated Stone & Tile Cleaner

NOTE: Never use acidic or alkaline cleaners without seeking advice from the manufacturer first. For specific cleaning recommendations for commercial projects, please contact your sales representative.

All new installations will require a period of time for the installation products to properly cure. Under standard conditions of 21°C, the installation needs to cure for a minimum of 48 hours.


Ongoing maintenance of Breeze Blocks should be completed using a pH Neutral cleaner such as Aqua Mix Concentrated Stone & Tile Cleaner.

  • Brush all loose contaminants and debris from the surface.
  • Liberally apply a pH neutral cleaner to the installed surface, diluted as per manufacturers instructions.
  • Allow the cleaner adequate dwell time according to manufacturers instructions, before agitating the surface with a nylon bristled decking brush.

  • Remove all remaining residue with a cloth. RECOMMENDED PRODUCT | Aqua Mix Concentrated Stone & Tile Cleaner
    NOTE: Never use acidic or alkaline cleaners without seeking advice from the manufacturer first. For specific cleaning recommendations for commercial projects, please contact your sales representative.

    In certain circumstances, sealers will last for shorter or longer periods of time. Aqua Mix Sealer’s Choice Gold is designed to last up to 15 years under optimal conditions, however in harsh circumstances will require re-applying every 5-7 years.

    We recommend testing the sealer every year to determine whether the resistance provided by the sealer is beginning to subside.

    When re-applying the sealer, be sure to follow manufacturers instructions.

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