The Story: Aura Breeze Blocks

They come in an array of sizes, thicknesses, and colors, with each piece potentially differing from the next. Non-burnt building materials bring a very high artistic look to your homes and other commercial projects. They come with superior features such as anti-moss, waterproof, no generating dust, mechanically pressed, and completely environmentally friendly.

Aura Breeze Blocks, also known as a decorative concrete block adds a unique dimension to architecture. Breeze blocks, crafted from a blend of white sand and cement, offer both seclusion and shielding while maintaining an aura of openness and lightness. They’re widely favored for their application in ventilation facade walls, partitions, and fences, as well as indoor and outdoor elevations.

Exceptional design

We curate design experiences that ignite inspiration. From innovative concepts to trendsetting creations, our aim is to elevate spaces and lives through the transformative power of exceptional design.

Finest Quality

At Aura Breeze Blocks, our passion for excellence drives us to obsess over quality. Our straightforward goal is to craft top-tier blocks, utilizing only the most exceptional materials. Every block undergoes rigorous testing, surpassing global quality benchmarks for your assurance.

Aura Breeze Blocks:
The perfect blend of modern design and timeless elegance

Aura Breeze Blocks: The perfect balance of form and function. Our blocks are hand crafted with precision and care, embodying not just visual beauty but also durability that stands the test of time. Whether you’re transforming your home, office, or any other space, Aura Breeze Blocks provides the perfect foundation for your creative vision

History of Breeze Blocks

Travelling back in time Breeze cement blocks were used in 1930 of the last century, especially in 1950s – 1960s, when our grandparents used ventilation tiles (with the friendly name is air bricks, ventilation bricks) for the houses to get natural cool breeze.This product is made from many different materials. In a time, this product has been forgotten when the people prefered to use the closed space with full wall to use the air- conditioner.

When Elegance, Design, and Purpose Unite, the Outcome Is Magic.

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