Pin Wheel - 1

Pin Wheel - 1

The nostalgic charm of pinwheels from our childhood has slowly faded from the collective memory of many. Breeze blocks, on the other hand, showcase a distinctive 3D pattern design both inside and outside the product. These blocks offer the creative opportunity to install lighting within the walls, crafting a stunning and sparkling lighting effect for your space. Notably, the Pinwheel 1 breeze block incorporates an effective rainproof feature, ensuring peace of mind when utilizing it in various design applications, such as facades, fences, and interior partitions. Rest assured of the reliability and versatility of Pinwheel 1 breeze blocks for your design needs.


Breeze Blocks, also known as Cement Blocks, Ventilation blocks or Vented Blocks, are blocks made from a mixture of cement, sand, and water. They are used in a variety of construction and building applications, including foundations, walls, and retaining walls. Breeze cement blocks are often used to create openings in walls or ceilings to allow air to circulate and ventilate a space. These green, non-burnt building materials bring a very high artistic look to your homes and other commercial projects.  They come with superior features such as anti-moss, waterproof, no generating dust, mechanically pressed, and completely environmentally friendly.


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